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Saturn Image 2015/06/30(UT)

Trevor Barry,Joaquin Camarena,Damian Peach,Milika-Nicholas

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn June 30th and have nicely resolved the +63 spot & extended disturbance.

[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]
Joaquin Camarena(355mm S.C)

[ Joaquin Camarena,Tagliacozzo - L'Aquila ITALY ]

Damian Peach (356mm Celestron SCT)
Here is a longpass red light filter image of Saturn from June 30th. Dreadful seeing down at 17deg altitude but enough to detect the bright equatorial spot recently reported by Agustin Sanchez Lavega.
I referred to the ephemerides produced by Marc Delcroix and the spot was pretty much dead on track for the drift rate measured in previous images.

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]

Milika-Nicholas (355mm SCT)
We have continued testing the new ASI224 colour cam for ZWO.  

The camera continues to display its capabilities although this time the
seeing was fairly poor & we could only capture one 6 minute colour capture &
create a North polar projection... 

Winter weather makes it difficult to find imaging nights with good
transparency & good seeing...

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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