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Saturn Image 2015/06/10(UT)
Trevor Barry,Alexander Obukhov,Charles Galdies

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn June 10th in reasonable seeing,have 3 x 742nm IR,2 x R and 2 x RGB data sets covering about 75 minutes of rotation. The +63 disturbance was not available to me during this session.

[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]
Alexander Obukhov (280mm SC)
2015/06/10 19:37:54(UT)
CM1=171.5 CM2=60.7 CM3=33.3
Celestron C11,Baader hyperion zoom 2.25 barlow,Pierro Astro ADC,ASI174MM
Color: RGB
Luminance: (495 nm + 610 nm + R) + RGB
(All filters from Baader)
Seeing 8/10,Trans. 8/10

[Alexander Obukhov: Moscow Russsia]

Tadashi Horiuchi(300mm Newtonian)

ss{FsAxt[T.Horiuchi: Uji- City Kyoto Japan]

Charles Galdies(203mm SC)
10 June 2015
20:40 UT
CMI=209 CMIII=69.4
Seeing: good 7/10
Trans: 7/10

Methane filter
10 June. 2015
20:59:38 UT
CMI=209 CMIII=69.4
Seeing: good 7/10
Trans: 7/10 

[ Charles Galdies :Naxxar-Malta]

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