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Saturn Image 2015/06/07(UT)

Christopher Go,Charles Triana
Christopher Go,C.Triana

Christopher Go (355mm SC)
Transparency was very poor this evening due to haze and clouds.
The 63N storm is prominent in the IR image! It is a dark spot which seems to be disrupting it's region.
This feature is not very prominent in the visible light image.
The polar hexagon is well resolved. The North Polar Vortex can also
be seen prominently in the IR image.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]
Charles Triana(254mm SC)
2015/06/07 UT 03:30:50
SCT LX200UHTC 254mm + Barlow 2x + ASI120MM @ 0.11h/pixel (f/27)
RGB: 2289/2100/1055 frames @ 11/10/5 fps ? DeRot (13min)
S: 3/10 ? T: 2/5 ? Alt: 67

[Charles Triana : Bogota - Colombia]

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