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Saturn Image 2015/04/28(UT)

Kazuo Sasaki(400mm Casegrain or 203mm SC)

[K.Sasaki:Ohsaki-City Miyagi-Prefecture Japan]
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Milika-Nicholas (355mm SCT)
Here are the Saturn images from 28th April 2015...despite seeing that was
not first-class as shown by the stacked image of the diffraction rings
during collimation - we felt that the appearance of the onscreen star-test
images as they were would not allow finer tuning - we still suspect that
this is our best image of Saturn to date! The ASI174MM is proving itself to
be a superb planetary imaging camera, certainly for Saturn where we
currently employ frame-rates of 198fps for r&g & 141fps for b - with the
knowledge that we could have employed considerably faster fps!

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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