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Saturn Image 2015/04/03(UT)

Avani Soares

Avani Soares (354mm SC)
Data: 03/04/2015 22h02min22s UTC
Saturn, the Lord of the Rings!
I think I got last night one of my best Saturn taken in the season that is 
Cassini division well defined with the inclination that the planet is has become 
commonplace thing, but this time I noticed traces of the Encke Division and the 
Division Maxvel between B and C. ring
The tracks have been well defined but what surprendeu me was a nearby oval 
possible the hexagon in the northern hemisphere (highlighted with yellow arrow).
I am under the impression that the walls of the hexagon are not perfectly 
straight as myself had already captured in other previous years photos, however 
this year appear to be deformed and this is evident as well in color photos but 
I'm afraid it's a capture defect or processing is necessary photos of other 
colleagues to prove or disprove this suspicion.

[ Observatory Parsec,City Canoas,Brazil]

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