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Partial eclipse and Total Eclipse Image 2015/03/20(UT)

Damian Peach,Livio Finocchi,Paul G. Abel

Damian Peach
Up at 4:30am for a ~150 mile drive to a location where the skies were forecast much clearer than at home (where it was completely overcast.) For once the forecast was spot on and my location between Bideford and Hartland in Devon,UK yielded near ideal conditions throughout the event. Rather misty at times but this really added to the overall event.
Here are two composite images of the eclipse made from multiple exposures taken during the course of the eclipse. Around 87% of the solar disk was covered at maximum.

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]
Livio Finocchi(200mm S.C)
Sun 2015/03/20. Any shots made from 08:54 to 10:27 UT during eclipse,showing occult. and reappar. of the only good spot on the Sun.   Conditions of the sky was very good and perfect in any moments.114 newtonian+filter   40x+var. zoom    single shots.

Sun ecl. 2015/03/20. After over a month I can send my GIF file of the eclipse. Conditions were perfect and I made 541 shots in the 2h 22m of the event but I used almost 200 shots to create this animation. Hope you like it. 114 newtonian+filter 40x+zoom 3x and 4x single shots. [ Livio Finocchi,Tagliacozzo - L'Aquila ITALY ]

Paul G. Abel(Total Eclipse)

As some of you know, I was aboard MS Boudicca with Pete Lawrence and co. for the total eclipse. Against all the odds we managed to see it, which means I can say I have now experienced totality! I have written an account based on my log book entries which are now on the BAA website (https://britastro.org/article_render/6377)
Attached here is a drawing I made of the eclipse. I should point out, the drawing is totally subjective and in no way scientific- rather it gives an impression of how the eclipse appeared visually to me.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
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