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Mercury Image 2015/04/21(UT)

Stephane Gonzales,Rudolf A.Hillebrecht

Stephane Gonzales(250mm Newtonian)
2015/04/21 16:08:04 T.UCM: 224,8Elongation: 12,6 (E)Enlightened section: 85%Diameter: 5.6 "
Seeing 8/10 Trans 8/10250mm Newtonian,Qhl5-II Mfiltre ir742 pro

[Stephane Gonzales:  (France)]

Rudolf A. Hillebrecht (356mm SC)
Another image of Mercury, taken April 21st in fine daylight skies around noon. Finding the planet was somewhat harder today because of some high clouds, but I succeded after ten minutes. Seeing was nearly as bad as yesterday, but took my videos and got some images again with detail. Not as sharp as the day before, but confiming thta observation.

[Rudolf A.Hillebrecht: Bad Gandersheim,Germany ]
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