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Uranus Image 2014/11/26(UT)


Milika-Nicholas (355mm SCT)
"We imaged Uranus on the 26th & 27th November 2014 using the 610nm filter
taking 12 recordings each 20 minutes in duration, beginning just after the
planet culminated.

Not surprisingly the avi that displayed the highest number of frames at the
highest % quality (according to AutoStakkert) yielded the most detailed
image outcome.

Seeing & transparency was good for this capture/image although it was not as
good as earlier images we have submitted.

 All our images are processed in a restrained manner to (hopefully!)
minimise artefacts etc...with Uranus however the difficulties inherent in
imaging & processing this challenging planet should always be taken into
consideration with regard to aspects such as the following...

We note that the "dark collar" surrounding the North Pole looks more like a
"cap" in this image although close inspection suggests it is still a
"collar" as per some of our other images.

A problem with this particular small detail is that a processing artefact
(ringing) can interact with this feature and distort the appearance.

Stanislas Maksmowicz has commented that various details may also appear
differently under differing wavelengths as per some professional images he
has displayed previously...this aspect should of course be considered as
well in any appraisal of said "dark collar"

and of course working at or near the limits of these apertures for Uranus
makes anything problematical, regardless..!"

[Milika-Nicholas:Adelaide,South Australia]

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