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Uranus Image 2014/11/17(UT)

Ed De Mateo

Ed De Mateo(150mm Mak-Cass)
Uranus Observation
Time:  00:30-01:50 2014/11/17 UT
Location:  25.61N 80.43W
Seeing:  9-10/10 Pickering
Transparency:  8-9/10
Instrument:  150mm Mak-Cass @ 400x-450x
The attached sketch is of my Uranus observation , Observing conditions were very good.
The overall planet color was observed as a teal Blue.  The northern cap was distinctly white.  
The equatorial belt was a slightly bluish white, not as distinctly white as the northern cap.  
Just above the equatorial belt a slightly darker and lightly grey belt was observed.  
The southern polar cap  was a darker grey than the grey belt.

[Ed De Mateo: Miami,Florida U.S.A]

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