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Uranus Image 2014/09/10(UT)

Constantin Sprianu

Constantin Sprianu(245mm Cassegrain)
245mm CassegrainSeeing 7/10, Transparency 7/10
I have made two avis, one with the camera in the "normal" position and the other with the camera rotated 
with 90 degrees to the first capture. There seems to be a spot (or two?) visible in the image but I'm not 
sure if they are real, in the first image the spot is at 313 degrees and in the second at 338 (which is a 
bit odd, if it was the same spot ti should have been at the same position). It's true though it is 
difficult to measure positions with Winjupos using such a small planetary image. I wasn't able to get 
Miranda in the Uranus's moons image, it was too close to the planet be able to image it.

[Constantin Sprianu:Otopeni,Romania]

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