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Uranus Image 2014/08/10(UT)

Albert Sanchez,Alexander Obukhov

Albert Sanchez(254mm Newton)
Drawing of Uranus whit good conditions and seeing,6/10 ,Full Moon
slightly brighter central area, in good times near the terminator of the
 planetary disk, good position in the sky, 700m altitude is observed

Albert Sanchez 
Newton reflector 254mm -F5,Eyepiece Planetary 4mm 300X no filter

[ Albert Sanchez : Barcelona-Spain]

Alexander Obukhov (280mm SC)
23:43(UT)  CM=132.3 (34 mins, approx.)
280mm S-C (Celestron C11), QHY5L-2, 1.8x Barlow, Baader >610 nm
Seeing 8/10, Trans 7/10
Contrast is very high, but the "equatorial belt" looks like fragmented. May
be it's just an artifacts

[Alexander Obukhov:Moscow,Russia]

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