Uranus opposition report for 2013-2014 by S.Maksmowicz

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Uranus opposition report for 2013-2014 by S.Maksmowicz

Uranus opposition report for 2013-2014 by S.Maksmowicz
I have the pleasure to transmit you my report about Uranus (2 files, one
complete and one light for just the present opposition).
May be not enough highlighted through but I think banding, features of what
we can see on the planet work as a dense filter occulting a sphere which is
bright in red color. The organisation of the bands results from the
presence of high layers of atmosphere arranged by some forces that purely
The cap (contrast variation) may be acting as a pump which dispatch
material moving to the opposite hemisphere.
This harsch to say but with regards to the data analysis collected among
the opposition and the indicators selected (contrast levels, band
latitudes) it may be constructed this kind of scenario.
More data needs to be collected for more confidence and also more coverage
is needed but this report constitutes indeed a start.
I submit you this report for comments and analysis.
Let me know your comments about, there are welcome to be received.
It can be used for the ALPO duties indeed.

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

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