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Uranus Image 2013/09/26(UT)

Daniele Gasparri,Armando Vaccaro

Daniele Gasparri(356mm SC)
Fair seeing. Red filter. The north polar cap is prominent and compatible with other images,while I have some doubts about the bright spot near to the center of the disk. More observations needed.

[Daniele Gasparri:Perugia center Italy]
Armando Vaccaro (280mm S.C)
Uranus image 
2013/09/26 21:08:30 (UT)
280 mm S.C.  Feq. 2800 mm/Feq.8900 mm
DMK21AU04.AS Seeing 5/10 - Trans 4/5 

[Armando Vaccaro: Casapulla - Italy]

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