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Saturn Image 2013/04/24(UT)

Jean Jacques Poupeau,Bruce Worsley,Giancarlo Rizzato,Christopher Go,Trevor Barry
J.J.Poupeau,B.Worsley,G.Rizzato,Christopher Go,T.Barry

Jean Jacques Poupeau (356mm SC)
Here is Saturn on 2013/04/24 (2 sets)
The transparency and  the seeing were average.    T = +6C

[Jean Jacques Poupeau : Pecqueuse France]

Bruce Worsley(SC-8 203mmSC)
Trans 3-5 Seeing 3-5

[ Bruce Worsley : Cooper City,Florida U.S.A]

Giancarlo Rizzato( 280mm SC)
saturn 2013 .24.04
sc 280mm f20   seeing 3/10-    5/10
is dmk 21 au 618 as is dfk c   filter ir 742

seeing 5/6/10  filter ir 742 is dmk 21au 618 as

[Giancarlo Rizzato : Marano Vicentino (Vicenza) ITALY]

Christopher Go (355mm SC)
I had a very frustrating session with Saturn. First off,my filter wheel refused to run. The soldering of the wire to the cigarette plug broke! I was in no mood in fixing this in the middle of the night. I had to temporarily tie the wire back to the tip. Fortunately the cable held up for the night. Next up,my Moonlite focuser refused to bulge! I had to focus manually. To top it all up,seeing was terrible and transparency was very variable because of thin clouds. But I just went ahead and took some images.
The rings of Saturn is brightening again. This phenomenon is known as the Seeliger Effect or the opposition effect. Saturn's rings will continue to brighten and will peak on opposition day which is on the 28th of this month.
Nothing much is resolved in Saturn's disk because of bad seeing and also because of the opposition effect which causes Saturn to look pale in comparison.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]
Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn April 24th 2013 in only fair seeing at best. The hexagon is well defined and there are several diffuse white spots in the NEB.

[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]
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