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Neptune Image 2013/10/03(UT)

Peter Rosen

Peter Rosen(256mm Newton)
I photographed Neptune and Triton from Stockholm, Sweden on the 3rd of October 
2013 at 20h30 UT.
Neptune is 2.3" and the separation to Triton was 11.9".

I used an OrionOptics CT-10 f/4.8, 250mm Newton telescope, FL = 1220 mm.

For the main image I used a Canon Eos5D MkII in primary focus and besides 
Neptune and Triton it also shows the starfield.
It is a stack of 6 images of 20 and 30 sec. exposure at 1600 Iso.

For the image to the upper right, I used a DBK-41 color camera from the imaging 
source and stacked 606 images at 200%, at 0.25 and 0.5 sec exposure.

The image to the lower right shows the same image of the planet but upsampled an 
additional 400% and the blue circle in the corner shows the correct size of the 
planet at that scale.

North is up in all the images.

[Peter Rosen:Stockholm:Sweden]

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