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Neptune Image 2013/09/04(UT)

Stanislas Maksmowicz

Stanislas Maksymowicz (280mm cassegrain)
A spot was observed lastly around CM 20. Nothing was seen during the
period of observations. Sky was perfectly clear and transparent with stable
images during 1-2 seconds time. Still the north hemisphere darker than the
opposite one (may be with a lesser intensity). Nothing more except the
vision of the planet satelite.
If the spot was present with the size given (1/4-1/5 planet diameter) and
contrast revealed by ccd (more than the difference of the planet
hemispheres), it would be visually accessible. As nothing was captured, if
present the spot would be very low contrasted (less than the difference of
the planet hemispheres).

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

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