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Mercury Image 2013/08/03(UT)

Livio Finocchi

Livio Finocchi(200mm S.C)
Mercury at 2013/08/03 03:43 UT
Meade LXD75  8" f/10    222x+zoom 10x   single shots.  Good trasp. but bad 
I started to shot Mercury from 03:15 UT but low altitude, general bad 
conditions and brightness of the planet don't allowed me to obtain a good 
image. So I wait more altitude before sunrise and my last shots are a little 
better, even if I needed very lots of shots. But more altitude means more 
brightness in the eyepiece, so the phase appears more than reality(first image);
I tried to shot Mercury using the flash of the photocam and the result is 
visible in the second picture.I think it's better, even if I repeat that 
conditions were not good this morning.
Mercury was 6.9" diameter, mag. -0.4 and phase 51.5%.

[ Livio Finocchi,Tagliacozzo - L'Aquila ITALY ]

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