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Mercury Image 2013/07/28(UT)

Livio Finocchi

Livio Finocchi(200mm S.C)
Mercury at 2013/07/28 03:39 UT
Meade LXD75 8" f/10   222x+zoom 10x and resize 1.5x   single shot.
After any days I found the planet in the bright sky of the dawn. It's 4-5 
years that I don't see Mercury, 'cause from my site horizon is difficult to 
find it. Mars and Jupiter (8-10 far)help me a lot. I used 40-50 shots to catch 
the picture I send. Even if Mercury was more low than the other two, image in 
the eyepiece was better(seeing and trasp. were not very good this morning), 
even if I used lots of shots as I said to capture the phase(almost 32%)better 
that I can. Really the brightness of the planet(difficult to find but great in 
the eyepiece!)show the phase a bit more of reality, I would use my 6.3mm 
eyepiece to have 317x and less bright, but low altitude should not allow to. 
For the same reason colours around the planet are visible, but not too 
Mercury was 8.1" and 0.5 mag.  Elong. 19.4W.

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