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Uranus Image 2012/10/06(UT)

Frank J Melillo,Paul G. Abel

Frank J Melillo(254mm SC)

[Frank J Melillo Holtsville NY U.S.A]
Paul G. Abel(508mm DK)
Attached are three Uranus drawings made last night with Dr. Hugh Sasse at the University of Leicester's observatory. Seeing was variable, and poor towards the end of observation. The planet was examined mainly at powers x356 and x540. It was found that x356 was the highest suitable power for the W#25A and W#80A filters used. Observations were as follows:
(i) Integrated Light (2221UT-2234UT)
Once again in IL it seems as if there is a brighter EZ, though not quite as distinct as last time (1st October 2012). Similarly there appeared to be a shading to the right of the EZ and shading to the left of it. These were not very well defined although they did give the impression of being 'loose belts' in the better moments of seeing. There also seemed to be some darker shading towards the left-hand pole.
(ii) W#25A red ( 2234UT- 2239UT)
Interesting view, I suspected that the EZ may have been a little broader in this light but I am no means certain. It also appeared to be the case that the shading to the left of the EZ was slightly darker in this filter when compared to IL. Interestingly the satellite Titania was visible in this filter, none of the others seemed to be.
(iii) W#80A light blue (2239UT- 2247UT) In this filter the EZ seems a little less distinct, moreover the markings to the right of the EZ seemed to be enhanced with this filter. No satellites apparent in this filter.
At 2248UT Dr. Sasse oberved the planet at x356 in IL and confirmed the darker shading on the left hand hemisphere, darker towards the pole. At 2252UT seeing became rather poor and we concluded observations on the planet.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
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