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Uranus Image 2012/10/01(UT)

Paul G. Abel

Paul G. Abel(508mm DK)
Attached is an observation made of Uranus made with Dr. Hugh Sasse using the University of Leicester's 20" DK planewave telescope, last night. Conditions were only average at best with seeing around AIII-IV and some drifting cloud. A bright waning Moon also hampered observations a little. The planet was examined both in IL and with a red W#25A filter, the results were as follows:
(i) Drawing 1 (IL) [2214UT- 2226UT]
The planet was examined at x356 and x540 and there appeared to be a brighter EZ. Just 'below' this was what appeared to be a darker greyish band. A brighter spot was suspected on the limb (indicated). Interestingly there appeared to be a slight change in colour compared to when we last observed the planet with a stronger cyan component being present.
(ii) Drawing 2 (W#25A)
Examined the planet in a deep red W#25A filter. Due to the presence of high cloud we had to reduce power to x288, but the disk size was just large enough to be able to make some observations. In particular, the brighter EZ seemed to still be present, along with the darker band which MAY have been easier to see in this filter (impossible to be certain). The brighter spot also seemed to be present. We made plans to observe the planet with a blue W#80A filter but alas clouds came up and we were forced to stop observations on this rather inconclusive note.

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