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Saturn Image 2012/07/19(UT)

Trevor Barry

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn last night in good seeing, have some quite interesting detail.
Of particular note, in the R channel from 09:21:16 & RGB from 09:23 is a elongated white spot North of the great storm remnant extending down to the North at approx 45 degrees.

I have measured this in WinJUPOS to be at approx CMIII 357.6 Lat +57.1. It is probably more prominent in the RGB.
Also in the same RGB is, I believe, a dark spot on the Southern edge of the great storm remnant at CMIII 338.9 Lat +45.1.
Best seen in the R channel from 09:21:16 is also a white spot in the NEB at approx CMIII 335,8 Lat +36.9.

There is much subtle detail to be seen in this data.
Note, I also imaged in 807nm IR but it looks rather bland at that wavelength.
Have attached 4 R, RGB & 807nm IR data sets along with animations of the R & RGB data.

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