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Saturn Image 2012/07/03(UT)
Dave and Gail Bleser,Trevor Barry,Vlamir da Silva Junior
D&G.Bleser,T.Barry,K.Maeda,V.da Silva Jr.

Dave and Gail Bleser(355mm SC)
Getting dim at  mag 0.7,thus forcing
me to use even slower frame rates.
Sky transparency is so poor that only one or two stars visible in the backyard!
Size of disc is 17.5 mm

[Dave and Gail Bleser:North Miami Beach:USA]

Trevor Barry(406mm Newtonian)
Imaged Saturn last night in quite fast & variable seeing but still have some interesting structure within the great storm remnant and NEB.

[Trevor Barry:Broken Hill:Australia]
Kazuyoshi Maeda (350mm Newton 500mm Cassegrain at Miyako is)

ዞs{ Ts@OcaV[Kazuyoshi Maeda:Kyoto Japan]

Vlamir da Silva Junior (203mm SCT)

[Vlamir da Silva Junior : Sao Paulo,Brazil]

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