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Saturn Image 2012/04/29(UT)

Maciel B.Sparrenberger,Paul G. Abel,Freddy Willems

Maciel B.Sparrenberger(200mm Newtonian)
Saturn image at 2012/04/29 03:48:50UT,with Tethys and Dione
Observer: Maciel B. Sparrenberger
Taurus Australis Observatory - Brasilia/DF - Brazil (15.8575S / 48.0000W)
Telescope: Home-made newtonian 200mm F/7.25,home-made equatorial mount
Camera: DMK21F04,IR/UV cut filter,barlow 3X,home-made filter wheel
with meade CCD RGB filters
Capture: 150s each color RGB,at 15FPS,auto gain
Processing: Registax 6.0 + Fitswork 4.25

[Maciel B.Sparrenberger Brasilia/DF Brazil]

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
We've had so many cloudy nights of late that I have only a handful of drawings of the planet and I missed opposition night! The seeing on the 29th was very strange; the planet wouldn't tolerate anything passed x150 (I struggled for a time with x167),but the were a few good steady moments of clarity. We had torrential rain for most of the day and then a late clearing,I presume this was responsible for the unusual conditions.
2324UT Disk Drawing,the following was noted:
Globe: An interesting view,SPR and SEB only just discernible and in a rather vague and ill defined way. Interestingly the polarizing filter which I normally use to sharpen the features seemed to have no effect tonight. The EZ was rather bright,perhaps an EB present- hard to be certain.
The region of most interest was the NEB which is still rather broad. I could make out two components. The NEB(s) seemed to be composed of dusky sections,while the NEB(n) seemed to contain three dark sections. These seem to keep with the planets rotation suggesting they may well have been real. NTB visible but not easily so,NTropZ greenish. NPR a little more vague tonight,but that is probably the seeing conditions.
Rings: A-Ring bluish grey,Cassini Division seen,but could not be traced far. B1-Ring bright white,B2-Ring greyish. C-Ring best seen at the ansae edges. ShGR now visible on proc. ansae. TWS seen.
2334UT: Intensity estimates made in IL,all no doubt rather dubious!
2343UT: Examined Saturn in W#80A. Interestingly,the NTB was easier to see in this light. D.Sect in NEB(s) still visible.
2346UT: Examined Saturn in W#25A. Image a little more steady in this light. Condensations in the NEB also present in this light. Intensity estimates made in W#25A and W#80A.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
Freddy Willems(356mm SC)

[ Freddy Willems :Hawaii U.S.A]

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