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Saturn Image 2012/04/20(UT)
Wayne Jaeschke,Frank J Melillo,Alexander Obukhov

Wayne Jaeschke(356mm SCT)
Seeing was just fair last night for this image of Saturn at 38 degrees
altitude.  The rings are still bright due to the Seeliger effect,but
resolution was not sufficient to determine whether the storms were present.
The seeing turned very poor afterward,so this was the only RGB set for the

[ Wayne Jaeschke ; West Chester,Pennsylvania U.S.A]

Frank J Melillo(254mm SC)

[Frank J Melillo Holtsville NY U.S.A]
Alexander Obukhov (280mm SC)
2012/04/20 21:59:00(UT)
CM1=42.5 CM2=224.4 CM3=139.1
280mm S-C (Celestron C11), Basler acA640, 3x barlow, Baader RGB
Seeing 8/10, Trans 7/10

[Alexander Obukhov:Moscow,Russia]

Akira Kazemoto(500mm Cassegrain)

ዞs{vS  {[Akira Kazemoto:Kyoto Japan]

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