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Saturn Image 2012/03/19(UT)

Paul G. Abel,Sadegh ghomizadeh,Efrain Morales Rivera

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
Only my second Saturn observation so far,as the clouds have normally come in before I could start. Seeing was rather poor- and I suppose I should get used to this as Saturn continues to slip further south! I was able to observe a few things,but I resisted doing filter work in these conditions...
Globe: Northern hemisphere now well presented. The darkest feature was without a doubt the NEB. The NEB(s) seemed to blend in with a slightly pinkish/orange EZ(s). I thought I observed a few darker sections in the NEB(s) but I am far from certain of this. NPC seen,and the NTB seemed to be both faint and broad). There seemed to be a greenish hue present in both the NTZ and the NPR while the SPR contained a distinctly bluish tint.
Rings: A-Ring slightly dusky,Cassini Division seen though not all the way around the rings. B1-Ring a bright white colour,B2 darker and greyish. C-Ring only seen well at the ansae edges,and I had the impression that it was slightly brighter on the fol. side but again this could be a seeing artifact.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
Sadegh ghomizadeh (235mm SC)

[Sadegh ghomizadeh: Tehran IRAN ]

Efrain Morales Rivera(300mm SC)
03/19/2012, 05:30ut
LX200ACF 12 in. OTA
CGE mount
PGR Flea3
TeleVue 3x barlows
Astronomik LRGB
Seeing 7/10, 8/10

[Efrain Morales Rivera  Aguadilla:Puerto Rico]

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