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Saturn Image 2012/03/11(UT)

Wayne Jaeschke,Gerald Stelmack

Wayne Jaeschke(356mm SCT)
In good seeing,although the ringed-planet
continues to drop lower and lower here in the north. We're only hitting
about 40 degrees altitude here at 40N and this image was taken before
transit with Saturn at about 39 degrees.  I guess we'll have to get used to it.

[ Wayne Jaeschke ; West Chester,Pennsylvania U.S.A]

Gerald Stelmack(235 mm SC)
C9.25 SCT @ f33
Astronomik LRGB Type 2 Filter Set
CM1=20.07; CMII=71.09; CMIII=34.62
Mag = 0.4
Dia(Eq) = 18.5"
Seeing: Pickering 7 (Good)

[G.Stelmack : Canada]

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