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Mercury Image 2012/05/24(UT)

Rudolf A.Hillebrecht

Rudolf A. Hillebrecht (235mm SC)
unsteady conditions, while the plant had a distance of only 3.57 degrees from the sun!
Finally after a few attempts in the last weeks I found Mercury high in the 
daylight sky just after noon. The small nearly full disk had only a distance of 
3.57 degrees or 16 arc minutes from the sun; literally a hot chase! Seeing was 
cruel, while transparency was great. >From several videos I took this came out 
to be the best image, while detail was similar in all results, so should be 
true. A comparison with the CalSky simulation of the same time, which I blurred 
to the scale my image was blurred by hefty high speed seeing, shows some good 
similarity. Found Mercury visually in my scope again even on May 25th while the 
distance was a mere 2.34 degrees, but could not manage to get another image.

[Rudolf A.Hillebrecht: Bad Gandersheim,Germany ]

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