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Uranus Image 2011/10/29(UT)

Freddy Willems,Antonio Lasala Garcia

Freddy Willems(356mm SC)
Uranus from October 29,2011
There seems to be a bright sport,I do not know if it's the beacon or an artifact.
I processed the Avi many times and had it always there. You have to look close to see it.
Orientation of Uranus is the same as Jupiter's North up and then I swinged to Uranus with the same orientation.

[ Freddy Willems :Hawaii U.S.A]

Antonio Lasala (254mm Newtonian)
22:58:45 (UT)
Camera: Basler acA640-100gm
Name: Antonio Lasala Garcia --
Morata de Jalon. Spain. 

[Antonio Lasala :Morata de Jalon:Spain]

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