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Uranus Image 2011/10/19(UT)

Almir Germano

Almir Germano(203mm SC)
Uranus October, 19 2011 20:23:12 UTC
Celestron C8 - Lumenera SkyNyx 2.2M - Powermate 2,5 x
Astronomik LRGB filters

RGB+L 90 seconds .avi stacked with Registax (90 frames each)
Slight processing in Photoshop (just a little unsharp mask)
Enlarged 1x using Bicubic

Almir Germano - Maringa - Brazil
23 26' 31.3" S 51 57' 27.1" W

Tough target. Seeing was average at best, 6/10, good transparency 8/10
Suggestion of banding in the left? Maybe some white area over the "equator"? I 
put "south" up.

[Almir Germano:Maringa,Brazil]

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