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Uranus Image 2011/08/22(UT)

Paul G. Abel

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
The first observation target for me last night was the planet Uranus. The planet was much easier to locate this time round as I made a very accurate star chart during the last observation of the planet- only took 5 minutes to find it rather than 25!
Seeing was in general average with some good steady moments. A power of 400x could not be used indefinitely, and a power of x312 was a good compromise. It seemed that there was again a bright EZ and two EBS, although the NEB seemed to be darker. There also appeared to be two brighter regions: one inside the EZ (Region B), and another near the NPR (Region A). It is of course entirely possible that I was fooled by Uranus- but the features were present at 312x and 400x and so I think they may have a basis in reality. Only confirmation from other observers will confirm this.

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