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Saturn Image 2011/06/25(UT)

Antonio Lasala Garcia,Jim Melka,Marc Delcroix

Antonio Lasala (254mm Newtonian)

[Antonio Lasala :Morata de Jalon:Spain]

Jim Melka (450mm Newton)

[Jim Melka,St.Louis,Missouri U.S.A.]

Marc Delcroix (254mm SC)
A montage with satellites in R+IR (from left to right Tethys, 
Enceladus, Mimas, Saturn and Dione) and Saturn in LRGB, please note les the nice details in the GWS: 

Same with Saturn also in R+IR, the spots in GWS are more obvious at these wavelengths:

A 2 frame animations in R+IR with brightness enhanced satellites:

And the whole image set, please note also the tiny spot in the north polar area:

I'm rather satisfied for a planet around 35 high at sunset, nice for my 24th observation for this apparition ... 
[Marc Delcroix  Tournefeuille,France]

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