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Saturn Image 2011/06/09(UT)
Javier Beltran Jovani,Damian Peach

Satoshi Ota (309mm Newtonian)

[Tomigusuku city Okinawa Japan]
ቫꌧ  Ls  c 

Javier Beltran Jovani(457mm Newton)
Saturn 2011 - 06 - 09_21:21 U.T.
Camera Basler Ace acA640-100gm
IR685  Newt 457mm EQ Tom Osypowsky dual axis

[Javier Beltran Jovani:Castellon-Spain]

Damian Peach (350mm Celestron SCT)
9th under very good seeing (though still rather breezy) with a splendid view in the eyepiece at the end. This will likely be my last image of the apparition as Saturn is now well over the meridian at sunset at this latitude. Itfs certainly been one I wonft soon forget with dramatic storm. Letfs hope Jupiter provides a good show in the months aheadc.

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]
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