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Saturn Image 2011/06/07(UT)
Paul G. Abel,Freddy Willems,Damian Peach,Gerald Stelmack

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
We're are approaching the last few weeks of the current Saturn apparition for me. Attached is a drawing I made of Saturn last night- it doesn't show very much I'm afraid,the seeing wasn't terribly good and a strong wind did not help matters one bit. The view was much the same as previously,only the proc. section of the NTropZ seemed to be quite bright- whether this was the case or some sort of seeing artifact I cannot be sure. The NEB(n) continues to have a serrated appearance,and the NTropZ and NTZ continue to present their greenish hues. It was clear that little more could be done in these conditions,so I abandoned observations at 2256UT.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
Tomoyuki Yoshida(300mm Dall-kirkham)

[gcmV Tomoyuki Yoshida:Utsunomiya,Tochigi,Japan]

Freddy Willems(356mm SC)
Better seeing then usual here

[ Freddy Willems :Hawaii U.S.A]

Damian Peach (350mm Celestron SCT)
Terrible gusting winds and poor seeing. Some brighter patches in the stormy zone are visible.

[Damian Peach: Loudwater,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom]
Gerald Stelmack(235 mm SC)
2011/06/07 (GS Sat-2011-06-07)   04:21 UT
CM1=226.74 CM2=263.77 CM3=202.95
Mag = 0.8 Dia = 18.0"
C9.25 (235 mm) DMK 21AF04.AS
Astronomik LRGB Type 2  Seeing: 5-6/10

[G.Stelmack : Canada]

Seiichi Kanno(300mm Newtonian)

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