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Saturn Image 2011/03/18(UT)
Jim Phillips,David Gray,Christopher Go
Phillips,S.Ota,D.Gray,Christopher Go

Jim Phillips(254mm TMB)
The seeing last night was amazing. Truly excellent,9/10. Here is the first image I have processed showing the storm on Saturn churning away. See attached.

[Jim Phillips South Carolina,U.S.A.]
Satoshi Ota (309mm Newtonian)

[Tomigusuku city Okinawa Japan]
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David Gray (415mm Dall-Kirkham)
I find the rings rather brighter now and this seems to have made the contrast feature adjoining the globe shadow (Terby Spot) more apparent now. Interestingly there is a dusky patch just p. this which I guess is a spoke feature. Better defined spokes were seen on the f. ansa. Whilst being quite certain of these features I have the impression that they are quite susceptible to even slight seeing tremors. Whether this is due,in part at least,to the ring geometry I'm not sure.

[David Gray: Spennymoor Co. Durham,United Kingdom]
Christopher Go (Celestron C11)
It had been cloudy during the past weeks. Condition was good this evening.
It is interesting to see that the Seeliger Effect is now visible! Saturn is just a few days from opposition. The ring is very bright because of this effect.
There are some details in the area of the NED. Rhea can be seen on the lower left.

[Christopher Go : Cebu Philippines]
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