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Saturn Image 2011/03/11(UT)

Paul G. Abel,Carmine Gargiulo,Marc Delcroix,Frank J Melillo

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
A most intriguing night,
There was a storm on the proc. limb,and it was clear that it's boundary 
was composed of darker material from the NEB(n) in the south and the NTB 
in the north.  The NTB was decidedly irregular with dark and light sections.
  I was under the impression that both the NTropZ and NTZ had a distinct greenish hue.
  Of most interest was the B-Ring,as can be seen there seemed to be two spokes present
 in the B-Ring on the proc. ansae.  They were present at both 167x and 250x.  Now,as
 the seeing was only average at best I am not at all certain what to make of this- 
it could have been just a darker section of the B1-Ring that looked 'spoke like'. 
 Certainly I would need to see this confirmed with other drawings and images before 
I was convinced myself that they were spokes.
Drawing 2 was made in orange light with a #21 Filter.  Interestingly the NEB seemed 
broader in this light,and the NEB(N) seemed to be compose dof irrgular shaped brown patches.  
The structure in the dark material surrounding the storms in the NEB(n) and NTB also showed 
up rather well.  The A-Ring appears darker in this light,and the spokes 
(or whatever they were) appeared a little browner too.
By 0225UT,seeing had become hopeless and I closed down for the night.

Here is an observation of Saturn I made last night.  Seeing was terrible for 
much of the time, but for a short while it got up to AIII-IV where I made my 
intensity estimates and disk drawings.  As a result, the attached disk drawing 
does not show a lot of fine detail.

It was clear that the storms were present in the NTropZ  as the north edge of 
the NEB(n) was irregular, however it was very hard to pick the storms up due to 
the poor image definition.  I was under the impression that the NTB was not 
complete, indeed it seemed that there were only a couple of parts of it were 

The rings were also of interest- I could not see any spokes, but in these 
conditions I would hardly expect too.  The Terby white spot was present on the 
proc. ansae.  It seemed that the A-Ring was a light browinsh colour, and  
interestingly, in the blue #80A filter, both the A-Ring and B-Ring appeared to 
be darker.

Seeing became abysmal by 0131UT, and there was little alternative but to abandon 
observations for the night.

Best wishes,

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]

Carmine Gargiulo(200mm SC)

[Carmine Gargiulo:City: Sant'Agnello (NA) - ITALY]

Marc Delcroix (254mm SC)
Under very good conditions (that's for me - remember Saturn does not get much higher than 40 in France) - the kind I call "*the* night of the year" - I used a longer focal length than usual (remember i use a 250mm scope, not a 350+) ...
First a montage just nice to see, with from left to right
Titan, Dione, Tethys, a 12 mag star 12 (TYC 4960-449-1), Rhea and Enceladus. Saturn is a RGB, Titan a luminance, the others from a R+IR image and all satellites have been separately

[Marc Delcroix Tournefeuille,France]
Frank J Melillo(254mm SC)
I'm glad that everyone in this ALPO group and their families are  fine in 
Japan. I am hoping that everything will go back to normal as soon  as possible.

[Frank J Melillo  Holtsville NY U.S.A]

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