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Saturn Image 2011/03/09(UT)

Efrain Morales Rivera,Fattinnanzi Cristian,Marco Guidi,Frank J Melillo,Glauco Uri,Paolo Campaner

Efrain Morales Rivera(300mm SC)
LX200ACF 12 in. OTA
CGE mount
PGR Flea3
TeleVue 3x barlows
Seeing 8/10,8/10

[Efrain Morales Rivera  Aguadilla:Puerto Rico]

Fattinnanzi Cristian (360mm Newtonian)
I promise you that this is the last image of the successful night between 8
and March 9!
After processing all the footage of the video,I was able to calmly choose
the best frame that I've come up with more care.
The next pictures!

Using images in sequence in my video,I was able to calculate roughly
the rotation
period of the "suspect" spokes.
The dark spot is seen with sufficient certainty in the images taken between
the hours of 23:50 UT on 3/8/2011 and 9/3/2011 at 00:30 UT.
I rotated the image perspective to be able to easily calculate the angle at
which it is rotated the dark spot,after having highlighted.
In this way,in 50 minutes where you can see,I found out that rotated 30
degrees,so that makes one in about 10 hours.
I do not know if this period of rotation is correct and corresponds to
reality,but that detail certainly wheel at this speed.
I hope to have well reasoned!

Saturn GIF 2011/03/08-09

[Fattinnanzi Cristian :  Montecassiano ITALY]

Marco Guidi ( 406mm Newton )

[Marco Guidi,Italy]

Frank J Melillo(254mm SC)

[Frank J Melillo  Holtsville NY U.S.A]

Glauco Uri(400mm Newton)

[ Glauco Uri ITALY ]

Paolo Campaner (200mm Newton)
Average seeing, the great storm and Tethys visible on the right above the ring. North below.

[Paolo Campaner : Italy]

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