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Uranus Image 2010/12/14(UT)

Stanislas Maksmowicz

Stanislas Maksymowicz (305mm cassegrain)
The 13th and 14th obs was with the 305mm cassegrain with almost fixed images
during a quarter hour time on the 13th.
This is for MC 40 and 200 about respectively.
What is remarquable is the fact that EZ had almost disappeared, so faint
now. In parallel some clear bubles appears in south and north hemispheres.
South cap less extended is seen still.
The clear bubles appears brighter at the limb or the terminator of the
uranus disk due to from my observations of an excess of red light amount.
However this needs more observations for confirmation.
Please compare with the 9th observation performed with the 200mm cassegrain
(MC 200).

[Stanislas Maksymowicz  Ecquevilly,France]

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