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Uranus Image 2010/09/21(UT)

David Arditti,Cristina Cellini

David Arditti (356mm SC)
Here are some Uranus images taken on a night of good seeing, after I had imaged 
Jupiter (images already sent out), with the same equipment.

Each colour was a 3 minute exposure at 0.5 fps (R), 1.4 fps (G), 1.0 fps (B). 
The images have been stacked in Registax with 60% inclusion and subjected to 
very light sharpening.

I don't think they show any features, and none were apparent visually to me either.

[David Arditti: Edgware Middlesex HA8 5LW: United Kingdom]

Cristina Cellini(Meade LX200 12")
2010/08/21 22.50 (UT)
Meade LX200 12"
Lumenera Lu75C
Barlow Abbe Baader-Zeiss 3x

1210'E - 4429'N
[Cristina Cellini:Ravenna Italy]

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