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Saturn Image 2010/12/31(UT)
Ivano Dal Prete,Freddy Willems,Daniel Chang

Seiichi Yoneyama(248mm Newton)

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Ivano Dal Prete (203mm Newton)
I sktched on Dec. 31
under excellent sky conditions,along with an intensity estimates template.
Format of the pictures is yyyymmdd_hhmm_name (first four letters of my last
name,in this case).

Here is the text to be published with the pictures:

"2010/12/31 05:35ut
Newton 200/6,240-360x
Seeing II (Ant.) Transp. 9/10

WS observed for two hours between 4:20-6:20ut,with very good seeing and
transparency,but heavy light pollution. Brightness and contrast much
fainter than described by Gray on Dec. 19; I estimated the intensity of its
parts between 0.5-1.5 (Gray: -1),see attached template with intensity
estimates (BAA scale). They appeared with a distinct white colour,as
apposed to the yellowish disc and the brown bands. Costrast was better with
blue filter,worse with a yellow one,and much worse in red light.

[Ivano Dal Prete  Verona,Italy]

Freddy Willems(356mm SC)
Saturn in not so great seeing conditions,
could salvage one Avi from the bunch I took,The storm is there but the structure is not so good visible.

[ Freddy Willems :Hawaii U.S.A]

Daniel Chang(235mm SCT)

[Daniel Chang : Hong Kong]
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