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Jupiter Image 2010/08/18(UT)
大田 聡,風本明,前田和儀,熊森照明,瀧本郁夫,畑中明利,山崎明宏,唐澤英行,永長英夫,岡本彬宏,阿久津弘明
Gentile Angelo,Paul G. Abel,Dave and Gail Bleser,Sadegh ghomizadeh,Anthony Wesley,Donald C Parker,George Tarsoudis,Manos Kardasis,Paulo Casquinha

Gentile Angelo (250mm Newtonian)

[Gentile Angelo:  Manfredonia ITALY]

Paul G. Abel(203mm reflector)
Here are two Jupiter drawings which I made this morning. In drawing 1 I have exaggerated the NEB and it's colour in order to emphasize the structure. Io has recently emerged from behind Jupiter. By the time of drawing 2,seeing was really rather good,and a number of bluish festoons are visible in the EZ,and two white ovals in the STZ. The NTB,NNTB and STB have a fragmentary appearance.

[Paul G. Abel:Leicester:United Kingdom]
Dave and Gail Bleser(356mm SC)

[Dave and Gail Bleser:North Miami Beach:USA]

Satoshi Ota (309mm Newtonian)

[Tomigusuku city Okinawa Japan]
≪沖縄県  豊見城市  大田 聡≫

Akira Kazemoto(308mm Newton)

≪京都府久世郡  風本明≫

Kazuyoshi Maeda (350mm Newton)


シーイング  4/10(最初のみ6/10)

≪京都府 亀岡市 前田和儀≫

Teruaki Kumamori (280mm SC)

≪大阪府堺市 熊森照明≫

Sadegh ghomizadeh (235mm SC)
Hear are jupiter on 18 julyseeing average PLS see you them.

[Sadegh ghomizadeh: Tehran IRAN ]

Ikuo Takimoto (310mm Newtonian)

[Ayauta-gun Kagawa-Prefecture Japan]
≪香川県  綾歌郡  瀧本郁夫≫

Akitoshi Hatanaka (400mm Cassegrain)

≪三重県熊野市  畑中明利≫

Anthony Wesley (406mm Newton)
Last night I had an extended session in excellent seeing,I recorded data almost continually from 11pm to 4am. This period covered a GRS transit which was followed by an Io + shadow transit. Despite the dire jetstream predictions it seems that this site (Exmouth in Western Australia) can sometimes turn on steady skies.
Here's one image from near the end of the session - recorded just after 4am local time. Io is visible at lower right.
Once again this is processed using my laptop and very dodgy display,so the contrast and brightness may not be quite right.

You're going to be inflicted with more of these... here's an image from very early in the session showing the GRS and Oval BA mid transit. Lots of vortices around the edge of the GRS make it look a bit hairy. The area of influence of the GRS is clearly seen here extending all around it. Oval BA seems to be only a few days away from conjunction with the GRS,there's a clear gap between them although it seems that a tendril of dark material is coming off BA to the upper left as we see it here.
I'm testing a new image enhancement package for the Gimp called FX-Foundry. This image was done using the "separate light and shadow" enhancement,it looks good on this laptop screen anyway

Getting through the data now... here is one more interesting image from Aug 18.

and I thought it might be kinda fun to have another try at Ganymede while the seeing was good...

this is probably the best image from the session,and I spent much more effort on the processing than for the other images.

[Anthony Wesley,Murrumbateman Australia]
≪アンソニ オーストラリア≫
Akihiro.Yamazaki(280mm SC 125mm ref 200mm MC)

[A.Yamazaki: Machida Tokyo Japan]

Donald C Parker(16-in (41cm) Newtonian)
Some reddish material appears preceding Oval BA.

[ Donald C Parker Coral Gables,Florida U.S.A]

Hideyuki Karasawa(300mm Newton)

[唐澤英行:Tokyo Japan]

Hideo Einaga (300mm Newton)

[Hideo Einaga Kasai-City Hyogo-Prefecture Japan]
≪兵庫県  加西  永長英夫≫

George Tarsoudis ( 250mm Newtonian )
Orion Optics Newtonian Telescope 250mm @ f/6.3,Unibrain camera Fire-i 785,filters RGB,barlow 3X .

[George Tarsoudis,Alexandroupolis of Greece]
《ターソウディス  ギリシャ アレクサンドロポリス》

Yoshihiro Okamoto (Drawing: 203mm SCT)




[Minoo-shi Osaka-prefecture Japan]
≪大阪府箕面市 岡本彬宏≫
Hiroaki Akutsu(280mm Newtonian)

≪北海道旭川市  阿久津弘明≫

Manos Kardasis ( 280mm SCT )

[Manos Kardasis,Glyfada-Athens;Greece]
《カーダシス マノス:ギリシャ アテネ》

Paulo Casquinha (C14 355mmSC)
poor to average seeing conditions ( which is much better than what I get during all July and half August).

(site: 38.567 N /8.933 W Alt 124 m)
[Paulo Casquinha Palmela,Portugal]
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