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Mercury Image 2010/04/05(UT)

Peter Edwards,Carl Roussell

Peter Edwards(280mm SC)
Managed to image Mercury between the clouds. This was my 3rd imaging  
attempt in the last 4 days, clouds have drifted across on all days in the West  
for some reason spoiling the show, but tonight I just managed a couple of  
bursts before losing it. There was a definate contrast in colour compared to  
Venus in the eyepiece. Mercury was slightly pink.

The seeing was poor,  between 1 and 2 on the Peach scale and focus is not 
100%, having to grab  short bursts between clouds. Phase looks about 50% 
illuminated in my  image.

[Peter Edwars: West Sussex United Kingdom]

Carl Roussell(150mm F8 refractor)
2010/04/05  23:05 UT
15cm f/8 RR,  300x,  W23A
See: 8/10  Trans: Clear
CM: 88  Dia: 7.0"  De: -3.9

[ Carl Roussell : Hamilton Canada]

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