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Ceres Image 2009/04/02(UT)

David Arditti

David Arditti (355mm SC)
The forthcoming S@N programme prompted me to process this image of Ceres I took 
near opposition.

I don't think the non-circular shape shown is real. It would be the result of 
seeing combined with the relatively small number of frames stacked (330 frames 
at 2.8 fps.) I should have taken comparison images of nearby stars on the same 
night, but it clouded over. I did feel however that I was imaging a body which 
was clearly not a starlike point. Through the eyepiece it gave the impression of 
a dull, brownish, fuzzy, minute disk shaded off at the edges, a bit like some 
small planetary nebulae appear, but a different colour. Again, it looked like a 
dull disk in the way Neptune does at high magnification, but not the blue 
colour, but brownish.

[David Arditti: Edgware Middlesex HA8 5LW: United Kingdom]

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