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Crescent Moon,Jupiter and Stars conjunction Image 2009/03/23(UT)

Mike Salway

Mike Salway()
There was a beautiful conjunction featuring the waning Crescent
Moon and Jupiter, less than 2 away. Looking through the eyepiece at
Jupiter, she appeared to have an extra moon in an odd position - in fact it
was a field star, HIP105256. The Galilean Moons were close by - Io was right
next to Jupiter, with Europa and Callisto a little further away. Ganymede
was in transit but was not observed. I was able to fit the pairing in the
field of view of my Canon 350D when attached at prime focus to my Saxon
ED80, so I snapped off a few images before heading to work. Unfortunately I
didnft nail the focus and didnft notice until Ifd finished. While viewing
the images on the train, I noticed that the star 29Cap was egressing from
being occulted by the Moon. So I combined 8 frames into an animation showing
the motion of the Moon through the stars. Please click the link to see the
animation, the full-size image and to read more. Crescent Moon, Jupiter and

[Mike Salway Central Coast,NSW Australia]

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