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ISS with STS-119 and new S6 solar panel Image 2009/03/22(UT)

Mike Salway

Mike Salway(304mm newton)
It's been a week but I finally got around to processing these images. On the
mornings of Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd March I had a few bright passes of
the International Space Station (ISS) over my location. The great thing was
that the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-119) was docked at the time so I was
hoping for good seeing and hoping I'd be able to track it accurately. I was
able to capture reasonably detailed images during both passes, but of course
you always want more. For the image on the 20th, my shutter speed was a
little too slow so the frames were a bit soft. The lighting and angle meant
the backside of the shuttle was facing us and was not illuminated and could
not be resolved. The image from the 22nd shows a lot of detail and structure
in the radiators and also includes the new S6 solar panel that was installed
by the STS-119 crew on the 21st March. Space Shuttle Discovery is barely
visible - only it's tail is illuminated and was just about the noise level.

[Mike Salway Central Coast,NSW Australia]

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