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Saturn Image 2008/12/22(UT)

Jean Jacques Poupeau,Paulo Casquinha,Marc Delcroix

Jean Jacques Poupeau (350mm Cassegrain)

[Jean Jacques Poupeau : Pecqueuse France]

Paulo Casquinha (C14 355mmSC)
As previously noted by Damian Peach there are two spots on Saturn,the one that appears brighter on
Damianfs image is now much fainter and located at latitude -40 and Sys
III-206o and the other much brighter now at latitude -28o and Sys III 181o.
The visible satellite itfs Dione.

(site: 38.567 N /8.933 W Alt 124 m)
[Paulo Casquinha Palmela,Portugal]
Marc Delcroix (254mm SC)
I got the equatorial spot which has been visible for 2 months now.
There is also my first imaging attempt in the 889nm methan absorption band, rather underexposed.

with from left to right Iapetus, Titan, Mimas, Saturn, Tethys, Rhea, Hyperion (all except Iapetus are nicely aligned in Saturn's equatorial plan) and a very faint star.

[Marc Delcroix Tournefeuille,France]
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