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Saturn Image 2008/05/02(UT)

Sadegh ghomizadeh,David Arditti,Paolo R. Lazzarotti

Sadegh ghomizadeh (280mm SC)
AT 22.02~18.32 GMT
information: telescope Celestron 11" Schmidt Cassegrain Focal lenght 2800 mm,focal ratio 10,
camera SKYnyx mono+2xBarlow+60mm filter wheel f 37,30fps total 8000  frames stacks
Filter: astronomik RGB,processing software: regitax & PS

[Sadegh ghomizadeh: Tehran IRAN ]

David Arditti (355mm SC)
The disturbances in the STrZ are now visible in all 3 colours (as Ian Sharp already pointed out),though still a bit more in G than R,I think. Main spot now is now at III=324. There is also the SEBZ spot I reported in my last set just visible in red here,at III=32. In 4 days it has moved -25 deg.,corresponding to a drift of -6.25 deg. per day,similar to what Marc quoted.

[David Arditti: Edgware Middlesex HA8 5LW: United Kingdom]
Paolo R. Lazzarotti (250mm Newton)
On May 2nd I could finally capture some storm on Saturn for the first time this year. As a compensation-bonus, I captured the actual nice pair where the following spot is seen as a 45 deg tilted 8 shape.
Such a double spot is also seen in an image captured 8 (yeah, another 8...) minutes later, so I can fairly state it's real although the odd shape.
The preceding spot is less concentrated and fading over the W-E direction.
The poor transparency caused by thin cirrus lowered somewhat the color contrast. Seeing was steadily fair.

[Paolo R. Lazzarotti : Massa-City,Italy]
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