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Neptune Image 2008/09/01(UT)

Marc Delcroix,Carl Roussell

Marc Delcroix (254mm SC)
Here is a composition of Neptune,Triton and a star around:

Acquisition parameters are detailed in the image below,Neptune is a LRGB (L w/ barlow x 2,R/G/B at prime focus,Triton and star from another image w/ x0.5 reducer - everything assembled together and magnified by x2)

There is a strange artefact which would look oriented correctly along Neptune equator,but i don't believe it's real. Measured positions for Triton fit perfectly with the models,but not the measured magnitude,maybe due to Triton being to close to Neptune as Frank pointed out.

Please also note that like for the other giant gazeous planets,Triton is more visible in IR (this is actually the only wavelength were it's visible without Neptune beeing saturated).
[Marc Delcroix Tournefeuille,France]
Carl Roussell(150mm F8 refractor)
Date: 2008/09/01  4:16 UT
Telesccope: 15cm f/8 Refractor
Magnification: 400x
Seeing: 5/10  Trans: 3/6
Filters: IL
CM=79  Dia: 2.3"  De: -28.1
Col Est: Blue  Mag Est: +7.7
Notes: Limb darkening only

[ Carl Roussell : Cambray Canada]

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