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Mercury Image 2008/08/26(UT)

Carl Roussell

Carl Roussell(150mm F8 refractor)
Date: 2008AUG26  00:08 UT
Optics: 15cm f/8 Refracter
Magnification: 200x - 400x
Filters: W23A, W25, W21
Seeing 4-6/10  Trans: Clear
Dia: 5.7"  Phase: 0.77  De: +5.8 deg  CM: 303 deg

Date: 2008AUG26  22:02 UT
Optics: 15cm f/8 Refractor
Magnification: 200x - 300x
Filters: W21, W23A, W25
Seeing: 7/10  Trans: Clear
Dia; 5.8"  Phase: 0.76  De: +5.8 deg  CM: 303
Notes: N polar region bright; S.Aphrodites dark band north terminator
          S.Criophori dark band south terminator with maybe S.Alarum a west 
          extension of S,Criophori.  Thjis observatio0n made next day EST from
          prior entry  

[ Carl Roussell : Cambray Canada]

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