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Venus Image 2007/05/30(UT)

Robert Heffner,Sean Walker,Carl Roussell,Paolo R. Lazzarotti

Robert Heffner (280mm SCT)
We're going to be in the rainy season here in about another week or
so,so I'm trying to get as many Venus images in before this
favorable apparition is over. Clouds stand out prominently in the
IR  UV image.

[Robert Heffner:Aichi,Japan]

Sean Walker(313mm Newtonian)
Only captured two UV clips before I was clouded out.

[ Sean Walker,Massachusetts,U.S.A]

Carl Roussell(150mm F8 refractor)
Date: 2007/05/30  16:36 UT
Telescope: 15cm f/8 Refracter
Magnification: 200x 400x
Filters: W47,W58,W25,IL
Seeing: 5/10  Trans: clear
Dia: 21.3" Phase: 0.55 Phase Est: 0.53

[ Carl Roussell : Cambray Canada]

Paolo R. Lazzarotti (250mm Newton)
This is indeed my last Venus image!
By that day on, weather here definitively moved to bad. 

The cloudy planet is getting bigger but thinner, so any cloud detail is getting harder and harder.
Hope to get more images nonetheless as soon weather will improve.
[Paolo R. Lazzarotti : Massa-City,Italy]

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