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Venus Image 2007/05/07(UT)
Riccardo Di Nasso,Carl Roussell

Kenkichi.Yunoki (260mm Newtonian)

[Kenkichi Yunoki (Sakai City Japan)]
{ s M،g
Riccardo Di Nasso ( 235mm SC )
This is a my best Venus..
i Used a particular filter:
W 47 and baader continuum so a think to
see in the foto a litte clouds 

[Riccardo Di Nasso,Italy]

Carl Roussell(150mm F8 refractor)
Date: 2007/05/07
Time: 22:35
Seeing: 6-7/10
Trans: Slight haze
Optics: 15cm f/8 Refractor
Mag: 200x - 300x
Filters: W47, W58, W25, IL
Dia: 17.3"
Phase: 0.67

[ Carl Roussell : Cambray Canada]

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